Tale Mail Book Subscriptions

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E. Shavers is delighted to introduce our new book subscription service, Tale Mail. Each month subscribers will receive one book and a handwritten note from the bookseller who curated your box that month. You will also receive a special surprise the first month of your subscription. When you subscribe, we send you a form to fill out with your reading likes and dislikes. We also encourage feedback on each of your selections. Did you love this month's pick? Let us know! Did we miss the mark? We can fix that!

Subscription Options & Prices
  Picture Book Young Readers Young Adult Adult

3 Months

  $70.00   $70.00  $75.00   $90.00

6 Months

  $140.00   $140.00   $150.00   $180.00

12 Months

  $280.00   $280.00     $300.00   $360.00


Price includes shipping and sales tax.


Please note, if you place your order by the 15th of the month, your subscription will start that month. After the 15th, your subscription will begin the following month.