Signing with Gareth Frank

The Moment Between by Gareth Frank

After four years of mourning, Doctor Hackett Metzger is determined to stop letting his wife's death control his life. He is finally beginning to live again, but his recovery leads to an unexpected fight for his own survival and startling revelations about what happens to all of us in The Moment Between.

Hackett, a brilliant neurologist, is a skeptic. He doesn't believe he will one day be reunited with Jean, or dwell with God in heaven. What he does believe is that he should have seen the warning signs of her heart attack; he should have saved her. He also cannot accept the possibility that his clinical study of near death experiences could prove the existence of a conscious afterlife. When Hackett falls for the mother of a patient, grief finally begins to fade. But he has no idea his new love is hiding her dangerous past. 

As life and research collide, the good doctor discovers that the secrets of love and death just may be part of the same fabric.

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Friday, May 24, 2019 - 4:30pm to 6:30pm
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The Moment Between: A Psychological Thriller That Brings Death to Life Cover Image
ISBN: 9781732294202
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Published: Three Women Press - January 25th, 2019