As a Fool and Her Love were Parted (Paperback)

As a Fool and Her Love were Parted By Resurrecsis Cover Image

As a Fool and Her Love were Parted (Paperback)


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A medical doctor and researcher, ResurrecSis finds herself at a juncture when rationalization loses its footing in the face of personal tragedy. The poetry in this collection is a reflection of the painful introspective journey the author has taken as she examines grief, survivor guilt, physical separation, and faith.

It is through these unfiltered and unedited poems that the reader understands how she processes her thoughts on topics that go far beyond the grief and shock triggered by the sudden death of her only sibling. It includes memories, regrets, and existential questions. All of these emotions are felt under a nurturer's pressure to rebound while honoring love and the promise of keeping a secret.

The difficulty with the last: forfeiting emotional validation. The motivation: love deserves that sacrifice. The result: from the writer's internal audience: "As a Fool and Her Love Were Parted."

Product Details ISBN: 9781958729045
ISBN-10: 1958729043
Publisher: MindStir Media
Publication Date: September 26th, 2022
Pages: 328
Language: English