Dragon's Heir: Dystopian Fantasy (Paperback)

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Dragon's Heir: Dystopian Fantasy (Paperback)


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Rowan hasn't made a dent in coming to terms with her black-to-his bones dragon father when she gets pregnant. The dragon-child isn't even here yet, but everyone's already fighting over his future.

The third (and last) book in a magic-laced, fast-paced, fantasy trilogy. With dragons.

I'm being pulled nine ways at once. Brand new mating. Brand new pregnancy. Stronger magic than I'm used to. The Nine Worlds are failing. Rot that began on Earth has spread to Vanaheim. Odin knows more than he's telling us, and no one has any interest in working together.

The only thing everybody has in common is a sudden, weird fascination with my baby. The dragons want him raised on Fire Mountain. The Celts want us in Inverlochy Castle with them. Hel hasn't weighed in, but I bet she'd like to see her grandson in Niflheim where she can dandle him on her knees every day.

If it weren't for the catastrophe looming over our heads, Bjorn and I would escape to a distant borderworld and never look back. It's always an option. Good to preserve as many of those as possible.

Keep your fingers crossed for me. And my son. See you on the other side.

Product Details ISBN: 9781948871563
ISBN-10: 1948871564
Publisher: Ann Giimpel Books, LLC
Publication Date: October 8th, 2019
Pages: 358
Language: English