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Guardian (Paperback)


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Every Guardian was born a warrior with powerful magic and a soulmate to complete her. All except for Luna, it seemed, who despite having mastered her craft, continued her fight in solitude.

She was an enigma in their society--alone for far longer than any Guardian before her. Still, Luna remained hopeful that one day her soulmate would find her, and all the tender yearning would have been worth it.

Then Gia stumbles into her life. Gia--who lives a Human life, in Human glamour, with a Human fianc . Now Luna finds herself questioning everything that she--and the Guardians--have believed in for millennia.

"Love isn't always enough." Luna had always understood the words, but she had never actually believed them.
Product Details ISBN: 9781642472356
ISBN-10: 1642472352
Publisher: Bella Books
Publication Date: August 17th, 2021
Pages: 242
Language: English